Girls and teenagers after school clubs


PHILIPSBURG – BEAUTY BRAINS BLING or The B3 Lifestyle is a classy yet trendy lifestyle and empowerment brand, created by certified life coach Patricia Evers.

This brand is the embodiment of Evers herself, a woman of substance, spirit, style and speech, who she sees other women, and girls to be. “Our passion is to see them develop that higher standard of living for themselves and live life to the fullest. This is what drives B3 as we continue to build this brand,” Evers said.

“This year we are introducing 2 clubs that will be catering to different age groups while offering a variety of programs to our young girls and our teenagers. Starting this September, B3 has designed the following after school programs: Our B3 Mini’s Club. We at the B3 lifestyle are so excited, this school year we have an addition to the family, which is our B3 Mini’s girls club for 8-12 year olds. Our weekly meeting will be held every Saturday from 2:00pm-5:00pm beginning on September 10 throughout the entire school year,” Evers explained.

“Together we will inspire, empower, influence and transform them into beautiful, intelligent, confident girls that are ready to conquer and establish themselves in the world as our future leader, innovators and professionals,” she continued.

Some of what the young ladies have to look forward to as they join this club is etiquette training, confidence and character building, interactive and fun activities, learning about themselves and how to establish core values for their lives. The program will cost $30 per month.

“We haven’t forgotten our teen girls, the B3 Lifestyle program. What started out as a 12-week empowerment program has been revised and transformed into a full year program that empowers and mentors our girls, and equips them with the skills necessary that they can take into their future as women. They will learn how to overcome challenges such as: Confidence, Character, Communication, Etiquette, Healthy living and so much more,” Evers concluded.

Weekly meetings will be held on Tuesdays for the 13-16 year olds, and on Thursdays for the 17-19 year olds beginning September 6 and 8, from 4:30pm-6:30pm. This will cost $50 per month.

Registration started during the 2nd week in August, and with every registration participants will receive a limited edition pencil case, a B3 Lifestyle t-shirt and workbook tailored to their special program.

The Clubs will be held at: Source of Inspirational Learning (SoIL) located at Alamanda Drive #1, Betty’s Estate (Formerly Blue Flames).

For more information contact Evers at: (721) 522-6210. Register online at:  or visit their Facebook Page: www.facebook/Theb3lifestyle. SIGN UP & receive: A limited edition pencil-case with some great goodies, a B3Lifestyle t -shirt and a workbook specially tailored for their classess!SIGN UP & receive: A limited edition pencil-case with some great goodies, a B3Lifestyle t -shirt and a workbook specially tailored for their classess!