[VIDEO] First murder in Pointe Blanche Prison history

2012 file photo showing Omar Jones entering the courthouse during the Vesuvius case.


~Omar Jones assassinated early Wednesday morning~

POINTE BLANCHE – On Wednesday morning, August 31, it was reported that a prisoner had been shot multiple times in the prison, and was not giving signs of life.

Detectives, police and the ambulance were summoned to the prison, where authorities found the lifeless body of Omar Jones. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

According to 721news, this is the first time that a prisoner was shot – while in prison – by a gun that had been smuggled into the prison. Over 20 years a ago a prisoner was shot in his neck by a prison guard but he survive. However, this is not the first time a gun was found to be in the prison illegally. In 2014, a gun was smuggled into the Pointe Blanche Prison.

This gun was involved in the case where Carlos Richardson – a suspect that was involved in the well-known Vesuvius case – attempted to kill the prisoner Wawoe alias “Nuto” from the notorious gang No Limited Soldiers (NLS). The Public Prosecutor took the drastic measure to ship both prisoners to a maximum security prison in Holland for fear of both their lives. In the meantime, ex-prisoner Wawoe completed his sentence and was released this year from the maximum security prison. Richardson is still sitting out his sentence in a maximum security prison in Holland.

In this present case, the Prosecutor did not see or have any information that Jones’ life was in danger, and he remained in Pointe Blanche prison to sit out his sentence. Jones was also involved in the Vesuvius case and was considered the main suspect. In 2011, Jones lost a brother who was also murdered. After the brother’s death, a number of killings started, which led to an investigation that involved detectives from Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten. At that time authorities called that investigation “Vesuvius.”

Since the attempt on Wawoe’s life, an investigation started on how the gun was brought into the prison, however, no one was ever arrested.

No official word came from Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo, as he was not at Wednesday’s press briefing. It must be noted that for approximately two months the Minister of Justice has not been present for the weekly press briefings, which it makes it difficult to question or remark on issues at the Ministry of Justice.

721news must also mention that in addition to the Minister of Justice, the Minister of TEATT Ingrid Arrindell also is regularly absent for the press briefings.

As the investigation continues, the main question is: how did the gun get inside the jail, and who shot Jones. Also, what motive did the unknown prisoner have to take Jones’ life?

Different sources in the political arena told 721news that they hope MP Frans Richardson understands that this is a major problem, and instructs the Ministry of Justice to have a Press Conference where an official statement from the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor office to the public on these events, is made. In addition, the Justice Minister can elaborate on what steps will take place to find the answers needed in this case.

This is the second time a gun was found illegally in Pointe Blanche prison, and this time someone lost their life.

The sentiment is somebody in charge at the prison needs to answer to this serious issue of smuggling guns into the prison. Whoever cooperated to get that gun inside should have to pay the price of losing their freedom.

The source continued, “The Prosecutor’s Office is spending too much money investigating politicians without any success, and cases against corrupted lawmen, and lawmen that break the law, cannot move forward. They need to get them out of the system ASAP.”