Mosquito elimination program starts Saturday

Minister of Health, Social Affairs and Labour Emil Lee

PHILIPSBURG – The eradication of mosquito breeding sites is an ongoing effort Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Emil Lee said during the Council of Ministers Press briefing, Wednesday, August 17, that the Collective Prevention Services (CPS) is initiating the National Mosquito Elimination Program on Saturday, August 20, in the Cul-de-Sac/Saunders area.

The aim of this program is to eliminate mosquitos that spread diseases; chikungunya, dengue, and Zika. The program entails house to house visits with one-on-one education on elimination of mosquito breeding sites in and around the house; Inspection of the surroundings of the house by vector controllers; Assessment of the findings; Set up and monitoring of traps to study mosquito behavior and larvae development, and targeted fogging of identified locations.

With the support of confirmed volunteers namely the Rotary Club of St. Maarten Sunrise, Saunders community Association, Department of Community Development with the Ministry of VSA, the Inspectorate within the Ministry of VSA, the Red Cross youth wing, and Soil Center together with the help of the community “we believe that we can eradicate the breeding areas,” said Minister Lee.