K1 Britannia continues partnership with St. Dominic High School


~Successful recruitment at SDHS Volunteer Fair~

SOUTH REWARD – On Saturday, August 27, the K1 Britannia Foundation took part in the St. Dominic High School annual volunteer fair.

The K1 Britannia Foundation has worked with the St. Dominic High School for the past two school years and has produced their best volunteers. “They have been reliable, hardworking, committed, dedicated and have shown great leadership potential. Some have even grown in assigned responsibilities by the foundation and became project managers and excelled,” a release from the foundation said.

This continued partnership with the St. Dominic High School will enable third and fourth formers to be part of the foundation’s volunteer program this school year and years to come.
The volunteer fair’s aim was to increase the student’s service learning awareness through education and action.

The K1 Britannia Foundation was present alongside various organizations in the community enabling the students to learn about the causes and issues they tackle. Roughly 40 students signed up during the fair, and are excited and ready to start giving back to the community.

The K1 Britannia Foundation’s volunteer program provides challenging opportunities for teenage students to be active in community service in the areas that interest them. This is a part of training them to be the right kind of leaders of the future with a heart for others and a conviction that they can help to change things.

“The foundation is happy to see so many teenagers sign up and look forward to seeing them active and changed through their good works in the community,” the release stated.

Others interested can sign up in a few minutes at the foundation’s website: www.k1britanniafoundation.org/volunteer.

L-R , K1 Britannia Foundation Project Managers Yasmine Essed and Chiaira Bowers at St. Dominic High School Volunteer Fair