New Era Art Gallery to bring Front Street to life with poetry and art exhibition


PHILIPSBURG – New Era Art Gallery and School is a new and innovative gallery opened since November 2015. The founder is Leola Cotton, a young daughter of the soil. New Era Art Gallery and School is located at Royal Palm Plaza, Front Street (between the Methodist Church and L’Escargot Restaurant).

On Sunday, July 3, New Era Art Gallery will bring Front Street to life from 5:00pm-8:00pm with riveting poetry, an art exhibition of diverse media, music by DJ CD Rankin and Connis Vanterpool; art auction and sale.

Artists participating in this art explosion are: Mervin Hous, Kenneth Samson, Lucinda Audain, Randolf Scott, Kerwan Celestine, Mr. Kelly, and Cotton. “Your taste buds will be enticed with a mixture of Nepalese/Indian cuisine and drinks from Newa Chopstix Bar and Restaurant also located at The Royal Palm Plaza,” a release said.

Masterpiece Art and Poetry Soiree will be followed with an Arts and Crafts Summer Camp for children ages 7-12 years, which will be July 11-22, at the aforementioned location.

Budding artist, and entrepreneur, Cotton was born in Philipsburg to a rich cultural heritage. From an early age she took an interest in sketching cartoon characters. For a short time she took lessons from Ruby Bute. During her teens, Roberto Celestino Arrindell was her mentor for a short stint. For a period of time, Cotton had abandoned her passion for art, however, five years ago she resumed her love for drawing, but this time she took it to another level. She successfully began experimenting with acrylics.

For Cotton, art is freedom. For her it is a place to go to for rejuvenation, to tap into her inner feelings and express them on the canvas. In so doing, the daily struggles, joys and surprises of life are replaced by a sense of well-being.

Her paintings are inspired by her emotions, time of the day, whatever is happening around her at the moment, inner inspiration, the beauty of nature, or even a dream she actually had. She admires the female anatomy and likes to exaggerate it, which can be seen in many of her paintings. She has also started dabbling in 3-D art.

Her predominant painting style is mainly abstract. Some forms of her art pieces are abstract impressionism, and lyrical abstraction. She also does murals, and tattoo images upon requests. This innovative event promises to be an unforgettable experience not to be missed. For more details contact Cotton at 1 (721) 522-2750.