K1 Britannia launches workshop series for foster teenagers


PHILIPSBURG – The K1 Britannia Foundation recently started an independent living workshop series with foster teenagers to better prepare them for their transition out of the foster care system at age 18.

The workshops will be organized throughout the year and are aimed to fill the void that normally parents fill when preparing their children for life on their own, and the challenges they would face.

The first 3-hour workshop, covering budgeting was held for 8 teenagers from the I Can and New Start Foster homes. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Benjamin of New Start Foster Home and covered the topics of budgeting, tax and rent.

Cost of living was first discussed to give the teenagers an idea on what it really means to live on their own with various bills to pay. Many were surprised. He stressed the need to balance income and expenses to avoid debt. He also discussed how to set up a budget with various categories and explained that the more detailed the budget the better for adjustments.

The teenagers were then split in two groups of four, and given two different scenarios to decide on what salary they would need, and tasked with making their own budget. Each group presented their budget and were given advice on how to improve. The teenagers found the workshop eye opening and helpful.

K1 Britannia Foundation thanked Mr. Benjamin for taking the time to give this important workshop. “If you have or know professionals that can help pass on valuable independent living skills to youths that do not have the guidance, please contact the foundation via foundation@k1britannia.org,” the foundation said in a statement.