Saba Electric closes on land for Solar Park


sabaSABA – On Friday, April 29, at the offices of the civil law notary Faride Tjon Ajong, located in Philipsburg, St. Maarten, the closing took place, with respect to a parcel of land in the district of lower Zion’s Hill in Saba.

This parcel of land is situated near Juancho Yrausquin Airport and will be used to develop a solar park. Through subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Economische Zaken), the funds were made available to Saba Electric Company NV to purchase the parcel of land.

With this closing, the land can finally be further developed into a solar park and Saba Electric will be one step closer to establishing a more renewable form of energy production in Saba.

During the closing, Saba Electric was represented by its Managing Director C.D. Johnson. The seller of the parcel of land was represented by Messrs. A. Pensis and M. Feeley of the real estate company Saba Island Properties NV. The Government of the Public Entity of Saba, the sole shareholder of Saba Electric Company NV, had its legal counsel G.B. de Jong observe the closing.