Red carpet superstar mom: L’Oréal Mother’s Day in-store treat


COLE BAY– L’Oréal Paris St. Maarten was able to put together an amazing experience for some mothers in the community this past Mother’s Day weekend.

Marketing Sales and Support of the L’Oréal brand Renata Richardson was able to execute a “celebrity style promotion,” where the moms got a full makeover; were treated to refreshments and delicious pastries on site, and received full photo coverage of their before and after look.

After this part, the moms were escorted by one of the “Blitz Team” members to enjoy a ride in a Best Price Car Rental VIP vehicle. They were given a smooth drive for about 20 minutes.

L’Oréal was elated to be able to showcase this diversification of their brand, and was pleased to have selected these mothers to be part of this experience.

Participating stores, Ace Mega Center and Beautilicious, were happy to see their location transformed with glitz and glamour while making all the moms happy.

L’Oréal’s in-house makeup artist Rogelia Euson did a phenomenal job with guests, who were part of this promotion. To finalize the look, trendy boutique T’s Closet provided the glamourous accessories for the ladies to complete their Red Carpet look.

Richardson, together with the event coordinator, were able to boast about the satisfaction of the moms who participated. They are already working on continuing a trend of branding for the remainder of 2016.

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They thanked the retailers, the promo team, Exquisite Designs & Decorations, Best Price Car Rental, T’s Closet, the participating mothers, and everyone who made the event possible. The event was deemed very successful.