Dominican election campaign enters countdown


~ Political parties have only five days of campaigning left ~

DR 2SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Monday, May 9, began the last week of waiting for elections in which Dominicans will select 4,106 public positions. With just five days left, politicians must finish their promotion and electoral offers.

This is a decisive week for the fate of the country for the next four years, with a renewal of all political power, which in turn holds in its hands the appointment of those who manage other state institutions.

Dominicans have eight presidential options to choose from: Danilo Medina of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD); Luis Abinader, the Revolutionary Modern Party (PRM); Guillermo Moreno of Country Alliance Party; Minou Tavarez, Alliance for Democracy Party (APD); Soraya Aquino, the National Unity Party (PUN); Hatuey de Camps, Revolutionary Social Democratic Party (PRSD); Elias Wessin Chavez, the PQDC, Christian Democracy Quisqueyano Party; and Pelegrin Castillo of the National Progressive Force.

This will be the week for campaign closures of the candidates and their parties in a last attempt to win the favor of the citizenship for the electoral process, which will take place Sunday, May 15. The political campaign will close at midnight on Friday, May 13.

The PLD closed its campaign on Sunday, May 8, in Cibao with a caravan march through the streets of Santiago. They have called for a similar exercise to be held Thursday, May 12, in the Dominican capital, which will serve as a national closure of activities in the main municipalities.

Abinader and the PRM will close his campaign on Friday, May 13, with a caravan that will visit neighborhoods of the National District and Santo Domingo provinces.

Preparations for the assembly of the elections, have now entered the final phase with delivery of credentials to members of the polling stations. The shipments of bags with election materials to the latest destination, located in the far south of the country, has been affected by recent rains.

Another issue the electoral institution is dealing with is intensive training will be given to members of the polling stations in the management, and operation of the new equipment, which will count votes and transmit the results.

Source: Listin Diario Digital