Law enforcement agencies benefit from Aikido training


ANGUILLA – Some 36 law enforcement officers benefitted from a martial arts training known as Aikido, last week. The group, made up of members of the Royal Anguilla Police Force (RAPF), Customs Department and Prison, followed the two-day AIKIDO training program facilitated by The Long Island Aikikai Organization.

The group under the leadership of Sensei Eddie Hagihara, a 7th Dan Shihan (Master Instructor) in Aikido, a traditional Japanese martial art, used the two days to demonstrate, and expose participants to ways of disarming and restraining armed and aggressive persons as well as self-defense.

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, which you have so generously offered, to introduce to you and your staff, the non-fighting martial art of Aikido to your beautiful island,’ said Janet Verdi, who travelled with the group. “Everyone was very receptive to the training in weapons retention, disarming and restraining techniques.”

Representatives from the three law enforcement agencies expressed their gratitude to the group for the invaluable lessons and techniques passed on to the officers over the two days of training.

Commissioner of Police Paul Morrison said, “All the officers who participated are now in a better position to disarm and restrain aggressive persons as well as defend themselves having been exposed to this training. We in Anguilla are indeed happy that The Long Island Aikikai Organization took the time out to present these two days of training to our officers who will no doubt be able to use the techniques learnt when the need arises.”

Aikido roughly translates into “The Way of Harmonious Spirit,” which espouses non-aggression, non-confrontation and harmony embodying the natural order and laws of the universe, which exist within all.

The training took place at the RAPF Training Room on Thursday, April 28, and Friday, April 29.