***BREAKING NEWS***: Major break in “Zucchini” murder case


~Two prime suspects are detained in Dominica~

Deyanida Clarisa Faynete
Deyanida Clarisa Faynete

SINT MAARTEN/DOMINICA – There was a major break in the “Zucchini case” after a news website published the pictures and names of six persons, who were arrested in Dominica, for armed robbery at Jewelry International, located at Fort Young Hotel in Dominica.

Out of the six persons arrested, three of them are from St. Maarten and out of the three, two are wanted as prime suspects in the case called by the Prosecutor’s Office as “Zucchini.”

On March 18, 2014, the young lady Deyanida “Clarisa” Faynete (19) was shot in Dutch Quarter. She was brought to the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital on the French side, where she died. Faynete was accompanied by her boyfriend Raymond R., who was sentenced and is presently imprisoned, for having an illegal gun in his possession, and attempted murder. Raymond is also a suspect in another case called “EFEZE,” which is still under investigation.

According to information reaching 721news room, Raymond was never charged in the “Zucchini” case. Apparently, Raymond had a problem with Michael Alexis Magloire, and met him on March 18, 2014 in Dutch Quarter. It is said that Raymond was the first to shoot at Magloire, who responded with gunfire. One of the bullets hit Faynete, which caused profuse bleeding.

Raymond did try to bring his girlfriend to the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital, but the French medical team was not successful in keeping her alive. She died the following day on March 19, 2014.

On April 8, 2014, the Police and Prosecutor’s Office issued this press release:

The car in which the victims were seated, can be seen below. Photo courtesy of sxmislandtime.com

The following day the KPSM received information from the French Police that the victim was shot in the morning of March 18, in Dutch Quarter on the Dutch side of St. Maarten. Based on that information, the KPSM started an investigation as well on March 19, 2014. This investigation is called “Zucchini.”

As the case is still being investigated, the KPSM and the Public Prosecutor’s Service would like to have more information from the public.

Anyone who has more information regarding this shooting in Dutch Quarter or information regarding the circumstances that led to this shooting are requested to inform the detective department of KPSM.

For a successful prosecution it is very important that statements are given in person to the detectives.

On various internet sites information about the shooting was posted. Two names were also mentioned on the internet, namely: Alexis Roberts and Brent Berry.

Our investigation has shown that these persons are “suspects” in this case and the police is making an appeal to them to turn themselves in and report to the Detective Department for questioning.

The police would also like to inform the general public that assisting a person sought by police as a “suspect” in any criminal case is punishable by law.”

ZXZX Michael Alexis Magloire Jason Dubique Brent berry

Notable is that the two suspects are known under a different name in St. Maarten, while they carry another name in Dominica. This could be due to the fact that they have dual nationality.

  • Suspect #1 Alexis Roberts is also known in Dominica as Michael Alexis Magloire; and
  • Suspect #2 Brent Berry is known in Dominica as Jason Dubique.

Their birthplace remains St. Maarten, and with the photo of the two, it is clear that they are the two suspects that Dutch Side Police have been looking for.

Since August 2015, 721news had requested from the Prosecutor’s Office information on a total of 5 cold cases, but never received a response.

With the newly appointed spokesperson, 721news has again approached the Prosecutor’s Office for information on those cold cases. 721news is hoping that the Prosecutor’s Office understands, and sees the importance of releasing such information to the public, so they can assist law enforcement, who are conducting the investigations.

721news would like to thank the Dominica Law enforcement, who issued the mugshots of these six persons.

With the swift dissemination of news through such social media networks like Facebook, today, the Zucchini case got the major break.

721news hopes to receive an official statement from the Prosecutor’s Office later this week on this new development.