Two arrested by police


PHILIPSBURG – Two of three young men with initials H.B. (24) and G.M. (23) were arrested on Friday, April 22, shortly after 3:00pm. They are suspected of chain snatching.

In the last three weeks, there have been several official reports of a group of two or three young men snatching gold chains and necklaces from the necks of their victims. Most of these incidents were reported in the Philipsburg area, and the victims included tourists visiting the island.

On Friday, April 22, there were two separate incidents in the Philipsburg area where the culprits attempted to snatch a chain from the neck of their victim. The first incident occurred at approximately 1:00pm, and the other at approximately 3:00pm.

During the first incident, the suspect did not succeed in taking the chain because the victim strongly resisted. During the second incident, the suspect succeeded in taking the chain, but was spotted by officers of the Police Bike patrol, who were in the area. The patrol saw three suspects fleeing the scene and immediately informed Central Dispatch of the situation. Several patrols were dispatched in the area to search for the suspects.

Shortly after, one suspect was arrested on the Front Street/Back Street area, while the second one was arrested after he had jumped into the Salt Pond in an attempt to escape from police. Both suspects were arrested and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for further investigation.

The stolen chain from the second incident was found on the suspect while he was being searched. The chain was confiscated, and the suspects remain in custody for questioning. The third suspect has not been arrested, and the Police Department is still on the lookout for this person.

There are strong indications that these suspects may be the same persons involved in the other chain snatching incidents. The Special Robbery Unit is busy investigating and is asking anyone, who may have information regarding these robberies to immediately contact the Police Department.