Lions Club bumper stickers discourage substance abuse


PHILIPSBURG – The St. Maarten Lions Club has commenced distribution of bumper stickers with a message to discourage substance abuse by minors. The stickers read: “Under 18? Stay Clean and Sober!”

The timing of the club’s initiative couldn’t be any better as the country is now in full Carnival mode, which is a time when the chances of the use and abuse of alcohol, for example, may be higher.

The objective is to involve the community at large and remind adults to guide minors, emphasizing the importance of drinking responsibly by sticking to non-alcoholic beverages until they have reached adulthood. The message is clear and written in the broadest sense to include any other substances harmful to minors.

President of the Lions Club Eldert Louisa said: “St. Maarten Lions will be distributing approximately 1,000 stickers for use by automobile owners.

We ask the community’s support with this initiative by placing the stickers on the bumpers of their vehicles, sending a clear message that substance abuse by minors is strongly discouraged due to the effects that it can have on their development.

Even more so, abuse of substances can cause uncontrollable behaviors that may result in accidents, which ultimately may put lives in danger.

The St. Maarten Lions will continue to be a beacon of light for a safe community and wishes the general public a joyful Carnival season.”