Three students robbed teacher home


Three suspects caught in the act

Three teenage suspects, E.R.M.C. (17), J.J.H. (16) and J.D. (15) were arrested by police after they were caught while breaking into a home on Pigeon Pea Road in South Reward.

The Emergency Central Dispatch directed two patrols to the scene to investigate and encountered residents from the area who had already caught one of the suspects.

This suspect was arrested immediately. Shortly after, two other suspects were caught hiding in the nearby bushes.

They too were arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for further investigation. Several items that were stolen from the residence on Pigeon Pea Road were also found and confiscated for further investigation.

Carl John2

 Police Chief congratulates officers 

Police Chief Commissioner Carl John publicly congratulated the entire police force for the tremendous job they are presently doing.

In particular, those officers who under difficult circumstances provided security for the “Menam” Case (Gamali Benjamin case) held at the Belair Community Center in Cay Hill on Wednesday, April 13.

John said that the officers have shown a high level of professionalism, which is definitely a sign that the organization is on the right track in training its personnel with limited resources.

Commissioner John is encouraging all personnel to continue to do their best, and together as a team take the organization to a higher level.