TelCell Night of the Hit Makers Carnival event hailed a huge success


PHILIPSBURG – TelCell’s Night of the Hit Makers flagship Carnival event, on Saturday, April 23, was hailed a “huge success” by TelEm’s Group Chief Commercial Officer Brian Mingo, and also by hundreds of music fans who attended the event.

Thousands turned out at the Festival Village on the night of the event all decked-out in Night of the Hit Makers T-shirts and sporting the company’s promotional red colours.
“It was a great and successful night, for which we want to thank members of the public, TelCell’s loyal customers, our team of volunteers and especially the promoter ‘Mr. Rude’ for doing another fantastic job of bringing top class entertainment to St. Maarten,” said Mingo in an invited comment on Monday, April 25.

Mingo said during the concert and from the start of this week, he has been receiving nothing but praise from people who attended the event, and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

“It was good to see people in our community from all walks of life sharing the dance floor and just losing themselves in the enjoyment of the moment, which leaves us very proud to have sponsored and hosted such a prestigious event at this year’s Carnival,” continued Mingo.

He is especially grateful to members of staff who worked tirelessly in the days leading up to the event, and on the show night to make sure that it turned out to be the success it was. Those sentiments were also expressed by promoter Berteaux “Mr. Rude” Fleming of Xtratight Entertainment, who said Saturday’s success is the result of his excellent partnership with TelCell, and also because of the support of St. Maarten music fans and members of the public, without whom there would be no show.

“I keep saying our relationship and partnership with TelCell is like St. Maarten’s best Guavaberry – the longer it soaks, the better it is,” said the promoter.

“Kes the Band was outstanding, so was Jean Marc and our own Control Band really had everyone rocking. In fact all the performers just took our show to another level so that we can start preparing for year five and reach another level still,” continued Fleming.

He once again thanked music fans and the general public for their support, his own team and the TelCell team, who collaborated seamlessly to make another Hit Night.

Caption: Fans dressed in TelCell Night of the Hitmakers T-shirts turned out in droves at the Festival Village, Saturday, April 23, to welcome performers for the Night of the Hit Makers show. It was non-stop partying as many took a turn around what was billed as the Caribbean’s biggest open air dance floor. (Photo by Edgardo Lynch)