Sint Maarten’s National Bird Ranked in Top 10 ViewBug International Photo Contest


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – ViewBug has been described as hosting the world’s best photo contests, judged by world-renowned photographers, and power by great brands.  ViewBug is a place to be creative, be inspired, and receive recognition.

“What started out as a routine lens test for Today Newspapers staff Photo/Journalist Milton Pieters turned out to be more rewarding than he expected. One of the images he captured of a Brown Pelican diving into the water in a uniformed manner was ranked in the top 10 in vol 7 in the monthly ViewBug photographic competition,” the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau stated.

“I am very proud of this accomplishment, more importantly I am happy that I was part of a visual battle to capture the moment among so many photographers from all over the globe. I just knew the image had visual impact and I nailed it,” Pieters said.

“The monthly competition is open to professional and amateur photographers from all over the globe and the theme for the competition for the month of March was ‘Right down the middle’.

“Ironically, the top 10 images were singled out from approximately 46.463 other images and that one stood out. According to VIEWBUG, ‘That was a close one.’

“The image was submitted in the month of February accompanied the caption’ Brown Pelican is frozen in time as it dived for small fishes during a feeding frenzy. This image was taken in Dutch St Maarten where the Brown Pelican happens to be the National Bird,” the ViewBug site stated.

ViewBug was founded by photographers Ori Guttin and Jimmy Lozowsky.  The website has 2.500 contests; 8.5 million uploaded photos; 72 million votes; 48.000 peer awards daily; and 310 judges.

The St. Maarten Tourist Bureau added that they were very pleased with the publicity that the destination has gained from this photo and welcomes other to capture those special moments share them for others to also experience the same beauty that the destination has to offer.