Nagico invites public to NAGICARE Open Day



GREAT BAY– Following Monday’s, April 4, launch of their newest health product, the NAGICARE Critical Illness Policy, Nagico Insurances is extending an open invitation to the public to attend their official Open Day tomorrow, Friday, April 8, from 8:00am to 4:00pm at their Head Office in Philipsburg.

The Critical Illness Plan is a living benefit, which gives the policyholder a tax free cash payment in the event he/she contracts a critical illness.

“The beauty of this policy is that it solves many of the economic insecurities, which one might encounter when faced with a life threatening illness,” Marketing Manager of Nagico Insurances Lisa Brown explained.

“Regardless of how much life, disability or medical insurance you may have, there are still areas that these policies do not provide coverage for, like cash to cover monthly bills, mortgage payments. This Critical Illness Plan is designed to fill these gaps and makes the funds available and at the discretion of the policy holder,” Brown continued.

The Open House will be held in front of the Nagico building, with a team of insurance professionals, ready to provide information and advice about this policy and all other Nagico offerings that are available.