Carnival 2016 a Great Event for Cruise Passengers and Crew to Visit

PHOTO CUTLINE: Port St. Maarten (file photo pre-COVID-19).

~ Wishes everybody a Safe and Happy Carnival ~

gio-banner2PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten Management, on behalf of the supervisory board of directors, and staff, would like to wish the entire population a Safe and Happy 2016 Carnival celebration under the banner, ‘Come Experience Life.’

Carnival Village opened on Thursday evening, 14 April which kicks off the start of two weeks of national cultural festivities.

Port St. Maarten is doing its part to encourage cruise passengers and crew to visit the Carnival Village.  Between April 14 and May 3rd, close to 82,000 passengers will visit the destination, and this is an opportunity for the aforementioned to enjoy this cultural experience.

Several tour companies and taxis are working with the Port and Carnival organizers to drive business to the village, and Port St. Maarten would like to thank the aforementioned for their leadership in this area with respect to taking the initiative.

In addition, Port St. Maarten is also working with the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation to give away bags with goodies inside to promote cruise passengers and crew to visit the village.

The participation of the cruise sector by the aforementioned patronizing the various booths would add an economic contribution to booth holders which is part of the port’s economic mission statement where it concerns economic development of the country.

Port St. Maarten will do its part in being active during the next two weeks of Carnival celebrations to promote the country’s premier cultural event of the year to cruise passengers and crew about visiting the Carnival Village to experience some of the local cuisine and any activities and events that would be taking place during the day while passengers and crew move around on the island.

The beach promenade and Front Street are in easy walking distance to the Carnival Village and taxi’s and tour operators could also stop by the village during their island tours.