NV GEBE Warns Community that Whatsapp Broadcast of Water & Electrical Employees are Not Associated with Company


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — NV GEBE hereby informs its customers that the ‘Whatsapp broadcast” currently circulating stating that three men who are identifying themselves as workers from the water and electrical company who are there to “install shower caps to save water or install electric energy saving bulbs for free”, are not employees of NV GEBE.

NV GEBE employees are represented with a company uniform and a valid company ID. 

It is vital that customers always ask for valid company ID which is worn by each employee, furthermore, NV GEBE informs the general public that employees from the company do not enter the homes of clients.  

It is critical that clients DO NOT associate these perpetrators as NV GEBE employees. 

Anyone who is unsure of an employee status can call the company’s emergency number at 1 844 432 3213 or 911 and inform the Police Department.