NV GEBE Faces Challenges with Transmission Cable Faults. Majority of areas back online. Crews working to resolve issues in Simpson Bay/Airport Area


PHILIPSBURG. Sint Maarten – On Sunday, December 5, NV GEBE experienced faults on several transmission cables to the eastern side of the Island which lead to outages from as early as 5:00am Sunday morning. 

The main transmission cables feeding the two substations in the Philipsburg and Zagersgut areas were out of power due to fault indications along the cables.  Another area that was affected was the Simpson Bay.

NV GEBE technicians worked diligently in the early hours of the morning to isolate and identify the damaged cables. By 12:30pm the eastern side of the island was back to normal with the exception of the Sucker Garden, Guana Bay and Simpson Bay/Airport areas. All areas except the Simpson Bay/Airport area were back to normal by 12:50pm.

Technicians immediately started to localize the fault in the Simpson Bay area in order energize the cable and resume service as soon as possible.  The identification of the faulted transmission cables has commenced and crews hope to complete the repairs as soon as possible. 

NV GEBE apologies for the inconvenience the outages have caused.