"Charity Begins at Home".


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Under this motto, the Democratic Party continues its program of informing the people about matters that affect their daily lives.  This program has taken on an added dimension since the DP,  along with its coalition partners, has thrown its support behind the Marlin-government.

A government that includes DP candidate, Emil Lee, who has the responsibility for the Health, Labor and Social Development ministry.  A ministry that, in the eyes of the Democratic Party is of paramount importance to the wellbeing of all our people.  A healthy and productive society with the necessary social safety nets is a society we all dream of.

A sustainable partnership between the public, private and civil sectors is key to realizing this society.

Following the Minister’s first presentation to the general membership of the DP on November 23rd, the turn is now of those wishing to engage with the minister and the DP’s Leader on labor, health, social matters as well as the topics already identified and amplified by the DP as essential.  These are integrity, transparency, electoral reform and constitutional matters.  This forum is organized by the DPYP (Democratic Party Young Professionals) and will be held on Thursday, December 17th.