UP Party Board: "Goose and gander politics on display by coalition of eight"


Philipsburg — “History surely repeats itself and it seems more so in the formation of the coalition of eight,” the United People’s Party (UP) board said on Monday.

“Imagine the UP-led coalition was heavily criticized for not having a full council of ministers appointed and today the coalition of eight is greeted with the same reality. Out of seven ministerial positions, they were only able to fill five,” the UP board said.

“The National Alliance should have led with the same collective responsibility any coalition faces and not hide behind a press release only promoting their minister nominees having passed the screening,” the UP board added.

“We are closely monitoring the inconsistencies and political rhetoric which clearly indicates of a weak new majority government. It is quite obvious there is an apparent weakness in the new coalition and further testimony is the new recruitment effort of the Democratic Party led-ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour with the placement of an advertisement in the daily newspapers looking for persons to join the cabinet.

“This is unheard of when the DP party cannot find individuals within its own ranks to join its cabinet. It’s a crying shame that they have to resort to this route. It’s widely known the DP membership is in shambles and it seems no better way to recruit new members than by promising cabinet jobs,” the UP board added.

“We will continue to be the eyes and ears of the people who undoubtedly continue to support us knowing all the trials and tribulations we’ve faced during the past 11-months.

“The UP-led government can proudly say that the foundation has been laid for a number of important initiatives for the people of the country, especially with respect to public health where it concerns the expansion of the St. Maarten Medical Center, and public housing for middle class income earners.

“It’s the people’s democratic right to vote in February 2016 and that right should not be taken away from them under the disguise that political/electoral reform has to come first. The voter’s and people of Sint Maarten can see that any delay in going to the polls wreaks political opportunism and self-interests for the coalition of eight.

“Give the voter’s the choice to vote for the party and candidates who they feel can really bring about political/electoral reform. The new parliament in March 2016 will then have the mandate for political/electoral reform,” the UP board concluded.