The Gendarmerie has confirmed the shooting in Grand Case was not a robbery but an attempt of murder


Grand Case, Saint Martin — French St. Martin Newspaper Le Pelican has reported on their facebook page on Monday (Nov. 9th, 2015) that a shooting took place in Grand Case area.

Based on Le Pelican reporter’s investigation the Gendarmerie has confirmed to them that the shooting in Grand Case was not a question of a robbery but an attempted homicide that took place in front of the post office.

Some people are saying that they heard two to three shots going off around 2:45PM, Monday afternoon.

721news room haven’t managed to get the full details of this story as we are working diligently to acquire more details on this case for our readers.

Below you can see the video footage of the attack that was recorded by a surveillance camera.

This video was downloaded from a FB page and for various security reason we will not mention which FB page it was downloaded from.

zattempt of Murder 1-001
The Gunman is identified in the red circle and the victim is identified in the green circle.

zattempt of Murder 2-001

zattempt of Murder 3-001
In the Blue circle is the two Gendarme who just arrive at the crime scene

zattempt of Murder 4-001

zattempt of Murder 8-001
The small Black DOT in the yellow circle with a red arrow pointing at it, is the Gun of the attacker after members of the gendarmerie manage to disarm the suspect.