No indications of planned acts of terrorism on Sint Maarten


PHILIPSBURG – The police have arrested three (3) men, who tried to enter the country Sint Maarten on Saturday November 14th of whom, due to the vigilance of immigration officers at the airport, it was discovered that the travel documents they presented were false.  These men are believed to be from Syria and travelling on Greek passports with as destination Europe.

The police Force is presently investigating the case and questioning the three suspects. The Police Force of Sint Maarten is exchanging information with different international police organizations, like Interpol, to establish the identity and true nationality of the suspects.

At this moment the Country of Sint Maarten doesn’t have any information indicating that Sint Maarten is under any threat of acts of terrorism.

In the meantime the Police is urging members of the community to be vigilant given the current situation unfolding in France. The authorities manning critical infrastructures are urged to heighten their security and remain alert for any suspicious activities or persons they may encounter and inform the police.