Letter to the Editor: MJF


Dear Editor,

In the two daily papers, as well as in the on-line e-papers of Thursday, November 12, 2015, I read about the encouragement given by some Parliamentarians to 4 ex WINAIR employees, in their quest to start up a new airline company.

That in itself is a positive thing. But for MP Frans Richardson to trash WINAIR and by extension, its remaining 123 mostly local, loyal, hard working, professional staff, is mind boggling and just plain wrong.

To insinuate that WINAIR is not 100% local because Holland holds the slightly less than 8% of the shares that belong to the now Dutch Entities Saba and Statia, while Country St. Maarten owns more than 92%, is outright ludicracy.

Moreover MP Frans, nor any of the other MP’s that tripped over themselves in their rush to show support for the 4 gentlemen, found it necessary to say even one positive thing about our National Airline owned by the very people these MP’s represent!

How refreshing it would have been to hear Members of Parliament praise WINAIR and its staff for offering these 4 locals the best training money could buy and for contributing to the economies of St. Maarten, Saba and Statia for over 53 years with a safety record that is second to none.

Maybe when the next election comes around, the employees of WINAIR, their families and friends will all remember which politician said what. Finally, I am sure that WINAIR welcomes any level-playing-field competition.

Personally I am convinced of its ability, performance, expertise and know-how to take on any such competition.

Time will tell…..

Michael J. Ferrier