High School Soccer Competition starts with an Impressive Fourteen Teams


Cayhill– Seven high schools, each with a female and a male team, are participating in the second edition of the High School Soccer Competition. The competition started on the 31st of October and is organised by the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association in collaboration with the Sint Maarten Soccer Association. The competition will take place every Saturday from 9:00am till 12:00pm at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex with the finals being held in the evening on the 12th of December.

Last Saturday was the second week of the competitions and so far the female team of the MAC high and the Male MPC team are dominating the competition. While the male teams have an obvious advantage due to experience with the sport, the female teams have shown tremendous growth in a short amount of time. The biggest surprise for Saturday was the LU girls’ team who lost the week before due to a technicality-low team turnout. This week they came back in full numbers and were able to beat the CIA team 3-1. Players to watch out for are Jakisha Brooks from LU, Shakirah Gijsbertha from MPC, Amanda Wing from CIA, and Karoline Quispe from St. Dominic who all have shown impressive skills on the field.

For the male teams, Jaeremi Drijvers (MPC) has scored 5 goals in the past two games leading his team to become one of the strongest so far in the competition. Not too far behind is St. Dominic High who played their first game last Saturday. Players such as Michelle Palella, Brandon Potmis and Arjun Kurup scored a combined 3 goals beating the Sundial team 3-0. This is only the beginning and teams are still growing during the competition and much talent and surprises are expected during the tournament.

Oualichi WSA welcomes the public to come out support the players and the schools during this competition which has been made possible by sponsor’s radio station 104.3, Pizza Hut, Powerade and CC1. For more information visit the Facebook page of the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Team and the Sint Maarten Soccer Association.