Fire department says November 10 last day to apply for Year End Fireworks Permits


GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – The Fire Department which falls under the Ministry of General Affairs, is responsible for issuing licenses that are fireworks related.

Those who would like to import, transport, sell or have a fireworks show at yearend, are reminded they need to submit the application for the permit to the Ministry of General Affairs at least six weeks before the activity. Therefore the application deadline to apply for yearend fireworks licenses is less than a week away, November 10th, 2015.

Applications have to contain all the information as required by article 9 of the Fireworks Ordinance. For the fireworks import and transport licenses, there has to be a location where the fireworks will be transported.

If the fireworks are to be transported to a storage location on the Dutch side, a Hindrance Permit from the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), is needed for the storage location.
The Fireworks Ordinance contains the fire safety measures that have to be implemented at a fireworks storage location.

Permit application forms can be obtained at the Fire Department. The Fireworks Ordinance can be read online by searching for “Vuurwerk Besluit Sint Maarten”.

The import, transport, storage, sale and blasting of explosives and fireworks, are regulated by the Fireworks Ordinance: Vuurwerkbesluit AB2013, GT18.

The ordinance contains regulations on what type of fireworks can be imported and sold to the general public. It also contains the days that these fireworks can be used which are from December 29th to January 1st.

Fireworks that are not part of the allowed consumer fireworks are considered professional fireworks, and are to be imported, transported, stored and displayed by certified pyro technicians.

Permits are needed to carry out these fireworks related activities, which can be obtained at the Ministry of General Affairs.

The Fireworks Ordinance falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of General Affairs, Fire Department.

The Fire Department advises the Minister of General Affairs on the applicants’ compliance with the ordinance and on the safety precautions regarding the activities.

These safety measures are needed to prevent incidents during transportation, storage and the sales of fireworks.

The Fire Department also ensures that fireworks that can cause major injuries are lighted by certified professionals so that the lighting and display of fireworks remains an enjoyable experience on Sint Maarten.

For more information on fireworks related permits contact the Fire Prevention Department at 543-1316 or

pagara 2Editor Note: 

We could not confirm if the Prime Minister had change the law to allow the importers to bring in fireworks like the ones in the youtube video below. Two years ago Fire Department had confiscate a big load of these fireworks from the only importer on the island.

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