Today Gas and Diesel prices drops


PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The Department of Economic Affairs through a public announcement Sunday stated that the gas price will go down by this Tuesday.

According to the announcement, due to international developments on the international oil market, the prices of crude oil have experienced a decrease.

Taking into consideration that our local prices follow the international price developments, our local petroleum products prices has subsequently experienced a price decrease as well.

Given these circumstances the general public is now being advised that as of Tuesday October 6th 2015, the prices of the listed below petroleum products have been adjusted as follows;

                                                                  Current Price                              New Price

Unleaded Gasoline (ULG)                      1.826 Naf/liter                               1.769 Naf/liter

Diesel                                                        1.430 Naf/liter                              1.373 Naf/liter