{UPDATE}** BREAKING NEWS ***: Garbage and Trash both got shot in Saunders


PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The Police Force of St. Maarten is now investigating yet another shooting incident.

This time the shooting is reported to have taken place at home on the Flamboyant Road in Saunders.

Initial reports state that multiple gunshots were heard and then the sound of screaming. Immediately there-after a car was heard leaving the crime scene in a hurry.

The  victim Gary Williams aka Garbage and his brother Michel Williams aka Trash, was rushed by ambulance to the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) for medical treatment.

Seemingly Gary and Michel injuries are not life threatening as one of the bullets reportedly only grazed his Gary belly and Michel was grazed in his back.



Shooting in Saunders leaves two slightly wounded

The Police Department is investigating a shooting which took place on Monday October 12th at approximately 10.55 p.m. at a house located on Flamboyant road in Saunders. This incident left two victims slightly injured from gun shots fired by the suspect.

The report came into the Emergency Central Dispatch who immediately sent several patrols, detectives, forensic department and paramedics to the scene. On the scene the investigating officers learnt, that the shooting took place after a heated argument between the victims who are brothers and the suspect. The reason for the shooting is still unclear and is being investigated.

The Forensic Department was on the scene collecting evidence while detectives were interviewing potential witnesses. The victims were both treated on the scene by paramedics for their non life threatening wounds.

One of the victims had to be taken to the Sint Maarten medical center for further medical treatment. The suspect in this case has not yet been arrested. The investigation is ongoing.

Gabage shot-001