World’s Animal Day- Arts, Crafts & Stuff


zooPHILIPSBURG – October 4, 2015 is World’s Animal Day, a day we celebrate mankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom. Did you know that the St Maarten Zoo has 46 different types of specifies? Well we do! Did you also know that the St Maarten Zoo houses an animal that can also be found in the secondary forest in northwestern Colombia? Well we do, it’s our Cotton-top Tamrin, a small new world monkey weighing less than 0.5 k.g.

Along with rest of the world, we will be celebrating animal life in all its forms including endangered and rare species. We should acknowledge and be thankful for the many positive influences and diverse roles animals play in our lives.  They not only bring wonder to this world we share  but also help keep a natural balance.

The St. Maarten Zoological & Botanical Garden Foundation will be celebrating  animals  and its  existence   with an Arts, Crafts & Stuff  event  at  the zoo on October 4, 2015  starting  at 11 am  until  5pm.  There will be vendors in which you will be able to buy items in preparation for St Maarten Day’s such as,  t-shirts and accessories. Delicious food and drink will also be on sale.

Using the saying one man’s junk is another man treasure!, you will be able to find your own treasure at affordable prices.  To entertain the younger generation and educate them  about our animals,  there will also be an informative- interactive tour for which   they will be able to ask questions about animals in zoo.

We are also collaborating with Funtopia, children will be able to get their face painted, balloon molder will be on stilts, there will be appearances by the popcorn mascot & junior bouncing castle will be there for their playful entertainment and Funtopia will also be given the children the opportunity to register onsite to join the Funclub.  All proceeds will go towards the Funtopia Youth Initiative.

We are inviting families, vendors to come down and celebrate World Animal day at the  Zoo on Sunday, October 4, 2015.  Tickets may be bought at entrance, children are $2 and adults are only $5. Starting at 11 am until 5pm.

Should you be interested in being a vendor at the World animal day, please contact Public Relations Officer of the Board, Caisha Evans at tel. 5273530  and/or  contact us by email