Eye4weather Sept 14, 5:00AM UPDATE: Developing Tropical Disturbances…


Local Weather…

Partly Cloudy, Slightly Hazy, and Slightly Breezy yet HOT with a possible shower — here & there.

Developing Tropical Disturbances…

There are three (3) tropical disturbances in the Atlantic Ocean:

  1. A developing tropical wave in the far Atlantic continues to show signs of developing into a tropical cyclone (i.e. depression or storm) within the next few days. It has a high (80%) chance in 48 hours and high (90 %) chance in 5 days. If it further develops into a tropical storm, it will be named Ida.
    We will continue to monitor its progress, although it is NOT expected to affect the Caribbean.
  2. A weak tropical wave in the Gulf of Mexico is showing minor signs of developing, although it is very close to land. It has a low (20%) chance in 48 hours and low (30%) chance in 5 days.
    We will not monitor the progress of this system, as it will NOT pose a threat to the Caribbean.
  3. Another tropical wave, just off the coast of Africa is also showing signs of developing into a tropical cyclone within the next few days. It has a low (0%) chance in 48 hours and medium (40 %) chance in 5 days.


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  • SSS-Islands: St. Maarten = 18.0°N, 63.1°W | Saba = 17.6°N, 63.2°W | St. Eustatius = 17.5°N, 63.0°W
  • Neighboring Islands: Anguilla = 18.2°N, 63.1°W | St. Barths = 17.9°N, 62.8°W | Antigua = 17.1°N, 61.9°W | Barbuda = 17.6°N, 61.8°W | Montserrat = 16.8°N, 62.2°W | St. Kitts = 17.2°N, 62.6°W | St. Croix = 17.7°N, 64.7°W | St. Thomas = 18.3°N, 64.9°W | Tortola = 18.4°N, 64.6°W
  • Remaining names for this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season are: Ida, Joaquin, Kate, Larry, Mindy, Nicholas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam, Teresa, Victor, Wanda.
  • Future Tropical updates will be sent out periodically (as needed).