Court of appeal give the green light: Koeiman, Rietwijk and Felicia soon to be extradited to the US

Ramphis "Ronchie" M. Rietwijk (L), Gilberto "Kalala" T. Felisia (C) and Rogelio Gregory Koeiman (R) is seen when they all three was heading to the Courthouse in Curacao. We cannot confirm if Rietwijk and Felisia were also arrested in Curacao. FILE PHOTOS / VIGILANTE NEWSPAPER

Court of Appeals:

WILEMSTAD, Curacao — On Thursday September 3rd, 2015 The Court of Appeals rendered their decision regarding the petition of the United States Supreme Court to extradite the following three persons Rogelio “Gregg” Gregory Koeiman , Ramphis “Ronchie” M. Rietwijk  and Gilberto “Kalala” T. Felicia.

The  Court of appeal have decided that all three can be extradited to the United States to stand responsible for drugs transportation to the US.

Source Public Prosecutor Office in Curacao

FILE Photo: Ramphis “Ronchie” M. Rietwijk (L), Gilberto “Kalala” T. Felicia (C) and Rogelio “Gregg” Gregory Koeiman (R) is seen when they all three was arrested in Curacao heading to the Courthouse. A three suspects is free at this present moment.