No early release after threats against guard


GREAT BAY – Kevin Chris Le Blanc put his early release date at risk after he threatened a prison guard on January 13 and was found ten days later in the possession of two cell phones in the Pointe Blanche prison. The Court in First Instance rejected Le Blanc’s appeal against a decision by Justice Minister Dennis Richardson to deny him conditional release.

“The seriousness of his misbehavior justifies that his early release does not materialize,” the court ruled, adding that the remaining time the defendant has to serve is less than six months.

On October 6 of last year, Le Blanc and Brendon Alberto Dixin did not only ignore a stop sign from the police, they also threatened police officers with a firearm. In January, Dixin was sentenced to 18 months. Le Blanc got 15 months because of the violence police used during the arrest.

Le Blanc has been in jail since October 6 and he had completed two-third of the sentence by August 6. His earliest possible release date was August 2.

While Le Blanc denied that he had threatened the prison guard, the court went by the report about the incident that was co-signed by a witness. Le Blanc did not use the option to appeal the its contents.