Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — In a press release MP Sarah Wescot-William said that approximately 7 weeks ago, the Social Economic Council ( SEC) pointed out some serious flaws in 2 national decrees, containing general measures that regulate premiums and pay-outs, collected and disbursed by the SZV (Social Security Agency).

This type of decrees (decisions) are drafted by the government of St. Maarten and given their nature should be advised upon by the SEC as well as by the Council of Advice. They establish   regulations governing the population and or groups within the population.

These flaws as pointed out in the decrees , if confirmed, currently have and will in the future have serious consequences for all parties. Those parties are the  SZV, government, employers and employees. The consequences are all negative for the parties mentioned above.

To mention some effects of these errors:  possible  retroactive collection from employers and employees, with all consequences thereof, such as corrections to tax filings etc.,  and the potential that SZV has to recalculate premiums it already collected.

I have therefore asked that the Minister of Health informs Parliament within the shortest possible time of the action that the ministry has taken to correct a/o undo the serious flaws as pointed out by the SEC and  avoid that this situation is further aggravated by inaction from government’s side.