EYE4WEATHER: Local Weather Update


Today’s Temps
High (Day): 87F/31C, feels like 95F/35C
Low (Night): 77F/25C, feels like 79F/26C 

Local Weather
Variably Cloudy & Slightly Breezy yet HOT with a brief morning shower/two possible, then Generally Dry.

danny shower-001

  • Winds: are from the east-southeast at 6 to 16 miles per hour.
  • Seas: Fairly Choppy with wave heights up to 6 feet.

Special Weather 
* Another plume of Saharan Dust is hovering over the local region. Thus, allergy sufferers are advised to take the necessary precautions for the next couple of days.
* As of 5am: Hurricane Danny was located at 13.7 N 47.4W (about 1000 miles ESE of St. Maarten) and had max. sustained winds @ 85 mph, while moving WNW @ 10 mph. Danny is forecast to strengthen & weaken as it moves closer to the Lesser Antilles. Hurricane Danny should reachat/near the local region by Monday, most likely as a tropical storm.
We will continue to monitor its progress as it approaches the Caribbean.

Saturday’s Weather Preview
Partly Cloudy, Slightly Hazy, and Breezy with a brief shower/two possible.