Carnival Conquest cancels call for Wednesday due to Tropical Storm Erika


PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten management announces that Carnival Cruise Lines vessel Conquest has cancelled its port call on Wednesday due to the approach of Tropical Storm Erika which is forecasted to effect the islands on Wednesday night.

Carnival Liberty up to now is still scheduled to call on Friday, August 28.

Cargo operations at Port St. Maarten are to continue uninterrupted on Wednesday with several vessels to dock to off load cargo, goods and containers.

On Thursday, August 27, Tropical Storm Erika is forecast to pass through the Leeward Islands on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, therefore cargo port operations will not take place.  On Wednesday additional information will be released after consultations with ship agents.

Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority SLAC bridge attendants are on notice for the upcoming weather system. Vessels that wish to enter or exit the lagoon are asked to hail the bridge attendant on Marine VHF Channel 12.  The bridge will continue to open on scheduled times.

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Simpson Bay Bridge:

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09:30 in

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SLAC Harbour Bridge (3)Causeway:






In the past foreign registered cargo vessels have entered the Simpson Bay lagoon seeking shelter.  These vessels caused considerable damages to life and property.

Owners and operators of foreign cargo vessels are urged to take note of the path of any systems and take actions to secure their property, other than entering the lagoon.

Vessels entering the lagoon for shelter are advised to take down all sails and awnings to decrease wind area. Use the largest anchor and chain available and ensure that proper chafing gear is in place. Make early preparations.

If there are any extra openings these will be broadcast on local media.

Port St. Maarten is closely monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Erika as it approaches the Lesser Antilles and is taking the appropriate measures based on the most recent available weather reports.