ANGUILLA: Royal Anguilla Police Force Press Release for Truck/Trailer Truck Drivers and Bands


ANGUILLA — The Royal Anguilla Police Force in association with the Anguilla Electricity Company would like to inform the drivers of all trucks/trailer trucks and bands of the need to be aware of the dangers and risk posed when they themselves or any object comes into contact with electrical lines during the upcoming Summer Festival.
The drivers of all trucks/trailer trucks and bands must be aware of the height which their speakers and other equipment ought to be placed. No person or object standing or sitting on the speakers or other elevated objects should exceed 14 feet in height from the ground. Any person or object exceeding this height will be exposing themselves to a high risk of electrocution and possible fatalities.

In the past many trucks/trailer trucks and band have had to lift electrical wires as they travel the roads resulting in shock and forced outages. Both the RAPF and ANGLEC are appealing to all concerned to discontinue this very dangerous practice.

It is also advisable the persons should avoid spraying water directly onto or in the vicinity of any power line. Water is conductor of electricity and can cause electrocution of persons who may be in contact with the water, including bystanders.