Sint Maarten Police Report 23 July 2015



PHILIPSBURG: Previously on Monday July 13th at approximately five in the early morning hours a call came in to the central police dispatch that a male subject had just been robbed and shot. Patrols were on there way to Nazareth when they were redirected to the SMMC because the victim had already been transported there.  On arrival the victim had already been taken to the operation room but was in stable condition.

The victim stated that while he was sitting in his car when he was suddenly attacked by two armed men who proceeded to attempt to rob him of his gold chain. A struggle ensued and he managed to free himself from there grip and ran towards his car that was parked nearby. He was then shot at and was struck in the back.  The victim managed to escape and drive himself home to safety.  The victim has since been released from hospital.

At this time the investigation is ongoing and for now this is the only information available. Any updates will be giving in a subsequent report.



PHILIPSBURG: Previously on Tuesday July 2 1st at around four thirty in the afternoon the Simpson bay patrol was directed to the paid parking area located at the PJIA. On arrival they encountered a 39 year male bleeding from a stab wound to his right forearm. At the hospital he explained detectives that his child’s mother was the one that had stabbed him after partially causing damage to his vehicle that was parked in the paid parking at the airport. The reason behind this outburst is still sketchy.  The victim told detectives that he did not want to press charges but would give a full recount of the incident in the days to come.


Jet Ski accident

PHILIPSBURG: On the 21st of July at around three in the afternoon several tourists staying at a local hotel were involved in a crash involving Jet Ski’s in the Great Bay harbor. According to reports the jet ski’s were rented by two brothers and while riding the mange to collide into each other. One of the brothers sustained injuries to his ankle while the other brother was fine. He was transported with the ambulance to the medical center for treatment.


Man arrested with stolen car

PHILIPSBURG: On Wednesday 22nd of July the patrol arrested a male suspect who was in possession of a stolen vehicle. The vehicle had been stolen several weeks ago from the French side of the island but was spotted numerous times driving on the Dutch Side of the island.

The stolen vehicle was once again seen and the patrol was dispatched to the location. Upon question the male subject that was standing by the vehicle stated that he was the owner and had bought it from a third party. He was immediately arrested and the vehicle was confiscated. After questioning he was placed in preventive custody pending further investigation.


Man arrested

PHILISPBURG: On Wednesday 22nd of July a 25 year male was arrested after being suspected of breaking into cars in the area of the Causeway.  After a report was filed stating that shortly after having discovered that their vehicle had been broken into they spotted a suspicious vehicle driving away from the scene patrols were on the look out for this vehicle. The plate number, make and model were also given.  The vehicle was spotted in the area of town and police patrol mange to stop and control the vehicle. In his possession was found items belonging to several victims who had had their vehicle broken into while parked in the area of the Causeway Bridge. The suspect was kept for questioning as detectives are busy investigating further.