Public Service Center to continue to improve existing products and services in 2015 and 2016


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – The Public Service Center (PSC) in Simpson Bay has become an essential focal point for a ‘one stop shop’ for various services rendered by the Government of Sint Maarten. The aforementioned was established as a pilot project out of the necessity to improve services to the public and will be replicated in the New Government Building when that opens.

Government has established a Department of Public Services of which public services are delivered to the community, business and residential via the PSC. This department falls under the Ministry of General Affairs and is considered the ‘Centre for the People.’

In addition to its current services, the Department of Public Services is already working towards offering online services and online appointments for various services; just to name a few.  Staff is also being trained in order to be able to continue to provide efficient and effective services to the public.

A customer oriented government is seen at the center point in the enhancement of the quality of life for Sint Maarten citizens.

The improvement in public services goes back to 2009, when the Island Territory Government commenced with the development of a new vision for providing efficient service to the citizens.  This vision led to the development of a Plan of Approach in 2012 to realize the PSC.

Government is committed to improving services by providing seamless access to the full range of government services and products through the use of modern technology and other innovated means such as one stop services, effective and efficient services.

The benefits of this approach is an increase in service; cost reduction; improved accessibility, usability; a decrease in waiting times at various service providers.

Sint Maarten has not re-invented the wheel where the deliveries of public services are concerned, because it realizes that PSC are a growing phenomenon in countries all over the world.

Instead, the department has paid attention and learnt from best practices as there are a number of countries who are at the forefront where it comes to excellent public service delivery: Australia, Malaysia, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Governments have become cognizant about their obligation to serve and support the needs of its citizens and the community they represent.