Cul de Sac, Sint Maarten –BURGER KING® restaurants in St. Maarten will be the first to introduce ICEE®, a frozen drink NEW to the Caribbean, in the flavors of Coca-Cola® and Fanta® Blue Raspberry. These flavors are the top sellers in ICEE® drinks worldwide. With this launch, BURGER KING® restaurants reconfirms its goal to be the preeminent niche snack food and beverage company through its commitment to quality, value, low cost and delicious choices for the marketplace.

Coca-Cola® was the first flavor to be introduced in the ICEE® line of frozen carbonated beverage products which are available in more than 32 fruit and soda flavors around the world.  BURGER KING® restaurants will offer the ICEE® for $1.50 (12oz cup) and $2.00 (16oz cup) starting July 15 in participating restaurants island-wide, according to the St. Maarten BURGER KING® franchisee, with the brand hoping the frozen drinks will attract guests to the stores as the weather heats up.

The ICEE® brand’s humble beginnings are now a key part of beverage history… In the late 1950’s a man named Omar Knedlik, of Coffeyville, Kansas, didn’t have a soda fountain in his store, so he took bottles of soda and put them in the freezer. He kept them in the freezer until the soda in the bottles became frozen. He served this frozen drink to his customers and they loved it! He thought it would be great if there was a machine to make this unique frozen drink and began to build the machine himself. It took five years for Mr. Knedlik to build the first ICEE® machine. When he finally finished, he had just what he’d dreamed of, a machine that could pour a frozen, carbonated drink. By the mid 60’s, about 300 ICEE® machines had been manufactured.

Participating BURGER KING® restaurants in St. Maarten, will be the first and only to have this product in the Caribbean Market. At this time ICEE® is available in approximately 55,000 locations in the USA as well as in Mexico, Canada, China and the Middle East.

ICEE® is distributed by B & C Beverages, located Roses Rd #1, Cul de Sac, St. Maarten.