Youth Brigade now registering  


Philipsburg, Sint Maarten – the Voice of the Youth St. Maarten Foundation is in charge of the Sint Maarten Youth Brigade and is presently taking applicants for its freshmen program.  The objective of the foundation program is to present physical, mental, cognitive and social education for all members in order to promote self-confidence, self-esteem and higher level thinking skills. Youngsters between the ages of 15 to 21 can go upstairs Island Finance on the Pondfill and fill in an application by the Voice of the Youth St. Maarten office between 9am and 2pm.

The youngsters will participate in a three-year program. These courses are designed to enhance the general knowledge and developmental skills of the young adults. The education curriculum will be reported in a manual and assessed according to the condition stipulated per position.

Assistant Project Leader Nadine Frans told 721 news, “Each group meets three days a week. One weekday for mentoring 5pm to 7pm, one weekday for training exercises and every Saturday from 9am to 12pm starting with the flag parade, infantry exercises, swimming, physical and mental training”. She also stated that the SXM Youth Brigade is not only for at risk children but is open to every youngster that is open and willing to challenge themselves. The recruitment process consists of a screening phase consisting of four aspects. General knowledge, Intake, Physical test, Medical examination.  The training sessions take place at the Milton Peters College and transportation is arranged for the young adults.

On May 17 2013, the foundation was founded as an independent non- profit private organization. The initiative to create the foundation came from Zulayka Peterson. The lack of educational and social activities to stimulate effective communication among and with youngsters and a strong desire to instill positive self-images without the youth were the key motivational factors to establish the foundation.

Presently the organization will select five cadets to go to Colombia for a 2-week survival camp. This is being done in collaboration with its sister program in Curacao who does the same program for youngsters on the island.

The organization has an execution team that is supported by a platform of mentors, trainers, a social care and welfare team, parent association and activity committee. The registration will run until June 30, a contribution of US $10 is required however Parents or caregivers who have difficulty in paying the fee can contribute by volunteering with the program, to contact the group, persons can call telephone number 542-3228 or 580-3738.