Sarah queries hold-up of labour law changes


PHILIPSBURG — Democratic Party (DP) leader Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot-Williams has enquired about the status of the draft law to amend the Civil Code and other ordinances to better regulate labour agreements.

She has written to Parliament Chairman Dr. Lloyd Richardson with questions on the issue directed to Labour Minister Dennis Richardson such as how quickly Parliament can receive the draft ordinance for handling.

Wescot-Williams said in her letter: “I don’t think I will be acting out of line if I request that you add to these questions, that government handles without delay this draft in order for Parliament to bring this into procedure, as the matter has been on Parliament’s agenda for a long time.”

Close to six months ago, Parliament received informally a draft of a national ordinance to change the Civil Code and other ordinances in connection with labour agreements or labour contracts. An entire new title (Title 10, Labour Agreement) has been added to the Civil Code in this draft ordinance, to replace the current section in the Civil Code.

The matter of abuse of the short-term contract also is addressed in this change of the Civil Code, as are several other important labour matters that affect the workers of St. Maarten.

Source The Daily Herald