Island Gems donates wireless mics to Arias

Arias in motion

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten –Arias, a talented group of St. Maarten youngsters, have been raising their voice in song and sharing their talents in the community. The group, under the guidance of St. Maarten songstress Helen Hart, was assisted by Island Gems Charity Foundation to improve their sound.

The all-women group was approached by Hart with the singing group’s need for wireless microphones to improve their sound and to better share their talents. Island Gems is an avid supporter of the arts and music so its members welcomed the opportunity to assist the group.

Five microphones where purchased for Arias. Arias needed a dozen microphones. The other seven were donated by other supporters.

As a thank you to Island Gems, Arias was a featured performer at the charity’s annual costume gala dinner held in Captain Oliver’s restaurant in Oyster Pond.

“They wowed the audience. The sound of those voices was amazing to listen to. Diners could not get enough. They kept calling for an encore,” said Island Gems President Alita Singh. “It was great to see the impact our donation made for Arias.”

Island Gems encourages others in the community to support Arias by adding their voices to celebrations and events. “St. Maarten has amazing talent and it should be supported by all of us,” said Island Gems Vice President Karine Fleming.

Island Gems support community, social, education and arts projects among others on the Dutch and French sides of the island. The project must be executed by a legally registered group and must have long term impact on the target group and the community.

Island Gems goes not give cash. It pays directly for products and services if a project is approved by its membership.

For more information about Island Gems, contact any of its members or visit “Island Gems Charity Foundation” on Facebook.

To contact Arias, e-mail