Prime Minister Gumbs says Caribbean Auto Investment in Sint Maarten Reveals Confidence in Economy


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – On Friday, April 10, Prime Minister Hon. Marcel Gumbs attended the grand opening of Caribbean Auto’s Audi Center St. Maarten, a new state-of-the-art dealership, the first of its kind on the island.

Prime Minister Gumbs described Caribbean Auto investment in Sint Maarten as bringing recognition, economic progress and success.

“When preparing for this event, I asked my eldest daughter, who is a big fan, what about the brand stuck out for her. In typical fashion, she cited the brand’s 2002 theme-line campaign as point of inspiration, which consisted of two words: ‘Never Follow.’ These are fitting words for a brand that has grown, adapted and evolved into a corporate force that counts seven World Car of the Year awards, including 2014, among its many accolades.

“They are words that I believe we can apply to not just this one moment in this partnership, but to its future growth…and, if I may borrow that brilliant marketing campaign for a moment, they are words that speak volumes about what this investment can bring St. Maarten in terms of recognition, economic progress and success.  I believe that at our core, we’re a country that should and can set high standards for ourselves that we then strive to achieve, leaving others in our wake; much like the Audi brand,” Prime Minister Hon. Marcel Gumbs said on Friday.

The new showroom floor accommodates four new cars, and features dramatic, 20-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows.  The Audi Center showroom provides a visual that highlights the brands identified and features performance, luxury and environmental themes that the brand has become known for in its vehicles.

“First, congratulations are indeed in order for Caribbean Auto and Audi Latin America, whose vision and commitment to their brand has made this new dealership, which reiterates our country’s position as a luxury brand destination, a reality.

“The economic partnership that comes with such a project is one that holds short and long-term benefits for all involved. It is encouraging to see that Sint Maarten continues to attract this type of investment, and we look forward to seeing what the Audi brand accomplishes in this corner of the region,” Prime Minister Gumbs told the invited guests present.

Prime Minister Gumbs concluded by congratulating Caribbean Auto and Audi for their commitment to Sint Maarten and wished them success in their new partnership.

PHOTO: Prime Minister Hon. Marcel Gumbs (3rd from left) proudly cuts the ribbon at Caribbean Auto’s Audi Center St. Maarten as the McSood Amjad family members and invited guests look on. DCOMM Photo