Female arrested in the possession of a knife.


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Friday April 17th at approximately 11.15 p.m. was arrested by police at the Festival Village after being searched and a knife found in her possession. In connection with ongoing “zero tolerance policy” which is in place for the carnival season, the female with initials Y.M. was taken to the Philipsburg where she brought before the Acting prosecutor.

The possession of a weapon (not being a fire-arm) or an item intended as such is in violation of the Weapons Ordinance and is on the Transaction list for the 2015 carnival period. The victim chose not to appear in court and paid a fine of 500 Guilders (U.S$ 283,-). The suspect was released.

This is the first 2015 carnival related criminal case since the implementation of the new policy that was dealt with thus far.

The police department wants to remind the general public that strict enforcement of this “Pay or Stay” policy will be maintained.