Home Local News Teenager arrested for illegal weapon possession

Teenager arrested for illegal weapon possession

Teenager arrested for illegal weapon possession


KPS police logoPHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – On Sunday, March 22nd at approximately 11.25 a.m. while driving through Aaron Jacob drive a police patrol saw a young man standing on the porch of a house on that street. They noticed that the youngster had a long object resembling a rifle in his hands. The patrol immediately approached the youngster who tried hiding the object. When the officers confronted the young man on his porch they found, what was a home made handgun and which was loaded with a .38 caliber bullet.

This weapon and ammunition were confiscated for further investigation. As the investigation continued the officers located the object that the suspect tried to hide, which was a home made rifle. This rifle was also loaded with a .38 bullet and had two live attached to it. This rifle and ammunition were also confiscated for further investigation. The 16 year old suspect was arrested on the scene in the presence of his mother. The suspect was brought to the Philipsburg police station for further investigation.

The young suspect is very creative and talented in being able make these weapons however; these weapons in question, if operated correctly, would be able to fire-off a live round. However because of the poor material that the chamber and the barrel are made of it could be very dangerous to the one firing the weapon and also others. The investigation is in the hands of the detective Department.



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