SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament March 28 Results

SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament

BELVEDERE, Sint Maarten — March 28, 2015 results of the annual SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament at Johan Cruijff Court in Belvedere

The day started with some light shattered showers and cloud cover, but finished with blue skies and a bright sun. With only two full days of games left to determine this year’s finalists, the “heat is on” for the teams to give it their all.

Results of Saturday March 28, 2015:

Game 1: Category 7+U

Learning Unlimited Hotshots vs Sr. Regina: result 5 – 0 (at halftime 3 – 0)

Goal scorers L.U. Hotshots: Ajani Blake with 3 goals, Marnix Beishuizen and Marshall Leone with one goal each.

A solid performance by the players of L.U. Hotshots. Sr. Regina put up a good fight, however was unable to put one between the posts.

Game 2: Category 7+U

Leonald Connor vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 2 – 0 (forfeit)

Dr. Martin Luther King was not able to field a team in time. A friendly game was played with the players that were present.

Game 3: Category 7+U

Learning Unlimited Strikers vs Sr. Magda Rockstars: result 0 – 4 (at halftime 0 – 1)

Goal scorers Sr. Magda Rockstars: Yannick Mingo and Owen Christian both with 2 goals. They were assisted by Jeremiah Telemacque and Daniel Tjon-Tam-Pau.

The game was 0 – 0 until just before halftime. Taking the lead late in the first half gave Sr. Magda Rockstars the confidence to really go for it in the second half.

Game 4: Category Girls 13+U

Leonald Connor vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 3 – 2 (at halftime 1 – 1)

Goal scorers Leonald Connor: Jahnilla Priest, Karoline Quispe de los Santos and Dorothy James each scored one goal.

Goal scorers Dr. Martin Luther King: Shaney Joachim and Kaleisha Davis each scored one goal.

Dr. Martin Luther King started strong and scored first with a goal from its youngest player Shaney Joachim a.k.a. Faith after an assist by its oldest player Kaleisha Davis. For a while it looked like the team would cause an upset, however Leonald Connor regrouped in time to tie the score before half time. In the second half Leonald Connor was able to dominate the game a little more, but the game could go both ways until the final whistle.

Game 5: Category Girls 13+U

Hillside Christian All Stars vs Sr. Regina: result 2 – 0 (forfeit)

Due to miscommunication Sr. Regina unnecessarily forfeited the game. The team reported the day before that they were not able to field a team. The opponent was informed accordingly, however on game day the Sr. Regina team showed up to play. The team ended up playing a friendly game instead.

Game 6: Category Girls 13+U

Hillside Christian Angels vs Sr. Magda: result 0 – 2 (forfeit)

For reasons on known, Hillside Christian Angels was not able to field a team. Sr. Magda played a friendly game instead with the players present.

Game 7: Category 9+U

Sr. Magda Athletics vs Sr. Regina Masters: result 7 – 1 (at halftime 5 – 1)

Top scorer Sr. Magda Athletics: Gianni Fer with 4 goals and 1 assist. Useful players were Salim Fleming with 3 assists and Amani Vanterpool with 2 assists.

Goal scorer Sr. Regina Masters: Ishrael Charles scored the lone goal.

With today’s victory Sr. Magda Athletics secured a place in the 9+Under final scheduled for May 23.

Game 8: Category 9+U

Learning Unlimited vs Sr. Magda Energetics:  result 1 – 1 (at halftime 0 – 0)

Goal scorer Learning Unlimited: Connor Schripps-Ewing scored the lone goal after an assist from Sharky Nowek.

Goal scorer Sr. Magda Energetics: Jorginho Singodikromo scored the lone goal after an assist from Safin Basir.

It was a real nail biter for the two teams since a lot depended on the outcome of this game for both teams. Both teams really needed a win to have the best changes of making it to the consolation finals. Now they were totally depended on the outcome of the other games. Luckily for them, Sr. Regina New Stars managed to win from Leonald Connor and Combine Silly Shooters won from Charles Leopold Bell that same day. Therefore, Learning Unlimited and Sr. Magda Energetics will face each other again in the 9+Under consolation final scheduled for May 23.

Game 9: Category 9+U

Charles Leopold Bell vs Combine Silly Shooters: result 0 – 9 (at halftime 0 – 4)

Top scorers Combine Silly Shooters: Matteo van Bekkum had 3 goals, Quincy Busby and Xabel Dias both had 2 goals and 1 assist. Harrison Hobgood was a very useful player with 3 assists.

Charles Leopold Bell was well aware that a win was needed. The team, however, sadly had to miss its top scorer for this important game. Combine Silly Shooters played a solid game, with a good balance regarding its defense and offense. With today’s result Combine Silly Shooters secured their spot in the 9+Under final scheduled for May 23.

Game 10: Category 9+U

Sr. Regina New Stars vs Leonald Connor: result 4 – 3 (at halftime 2 – 2)

Goal scorers Sr. Regina New Stars: James Plas, Thomas Plas and Loet van Sleeuwen each scored a goal. The last goal in favor of Sr. Regina New Stars was an own goal by Leonald Connor.

Goal scorers Leonald Connor: Antony Gumbs scored 2 goals and Iverson Powell scored one goal after an assist by Dylon Seth.

Sr. Regina New Stars is a players selection of indeed ‘new stars’ that are developing their skills. The team, with the youngest age average in the 9+Under category, managed to win one game in pool play and lost two games already in the second round. All though this was not for the lack of trying, because the New Stars played every game with a lot of energy and passion. In their game versus Leonald Connor everything finally clicked. The team took the lead and even though their opponent Leonald Connor never gave up, they managed to secure a well-deserved win. Leonald Connor was still very much a contender until this game for a consolation final spot, however it needed a win to remain a contender. Sr. Regina New Stars victory spoiled their changes to great relief of Learning Unlimited and Sr. Magda Energetics, which now are secure regarding their spot in the consolation final.

Game 11: Category 11+U

Sr. Magda FC vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 5 – 4 (at halftime 2 – 1)

Goal scorers Sr. Magda FC: Jaden Leonard with 3 goals, Jamir Cuvalay and Ceth Codrington with one goal each.

Goal scorers Dr. Martin Luther King: John Richardson, Malachi Serrant, Edelberth Sparen and Derik Neale each score one goal.

Sr. Magda FC took the early lead but was not able to hold on once the second half started. Dr. Martin Luther King managed to get on top with a score of 3 – 4. Sr. Magda FC had to give all it had to change the tide, but in the end it paid off. Both teams provided a great game for the spectators to watch.

Due to the Easter Break games will continue on Saturday, April 11, 2015.