Local Gymnasts Awarded at Weekend Inter-Island Gymnastics Competition


St. Maarten- For the first time in St. Maarten an inter-island gymnastics competition was held on March 14, 2015 at Asha Stevens Gymnasium, presented by Club de Gym Saint Martin and National Institute of the Arts (NIA). Forty students under the age of twelve were judged by St. Maarten judges who were trained under Comité Régional of Guadeloupe (Gymnastics Local Committee of Guadeloupe). Mme Pujol, a representative of the French Gymnastic Federation came from Guadeloupe to supervise the entire event.

The guidelines were based on elementary gymnastic basics, and are the same used in Europe and the rest of the Caribbean gymnastics federations. The competition was organized around basic gymnastic skills of alignment, strength and flexibility. All gymnasts were awarded a certificate of participation. To succeed in the parcours the students needed at least 12 points out of 20, and those that received these points were awarded a certificate of achievement. The top three scoring the highest points received the medals listed below.

It was well attended by family and friends of the talented participants and showcased the potential displayed by St. Maarten’s young gymnast in training. NIA sends heartfelt congratulations to Director, Gratienne Riom, teachers  Doris Barbes from Club de Gym Saint Martin and Peggy Oulerich Head of the Dance Department at NIA and all staff members and students on a well executed event.

The medals awarded are as follows:

Category 1- Level 1

(Born 2009)

Rejal Peterson (Gold)

Nyah Kalmera (Silver)

Jayda Frederic (Bronze)


(Born 2008)

Ramlall Laya (Gold)

Antonio Roland Kenya (Silver)

Fleury Camille (Bronze)


(Born 2005/2006/2007)

Stomp Nubia (Gold)

Naudin Sarah (Silver)

Clemence Gerling (Bronze)


Category 2- Level 2

(Mixed age competition- 2004/2005/2006)

Halley Valerie (Gold)

Brooks Ellis Gabrielle (Silver)

Christina Trinity (Bronze)


Photographs courtesy of Francesco Amiaud