Ladies Basketball Championship Top 14 Players Exhibition Game A Success

LBC All Second Team With 6th & 7th Woman & Coach Junior Lion-001Sucker Garden, St. Maarten – The Ladies Basketball Championship came to a close on Sunday March 22nd as the LBC All First Team and LBC All Second Team which consisted of the top 14 players for the season played against each other for one last fun game. The LBC All Second Team really came out to play and neither team lead by more than 5 points in the first half.

The LBC All Second Team played a very good third quarter and lead by 7 after the third quarter. The LBC All First Team really stepped up their defense in the fourth quarter that lead to easy scores and they came back and won the game 58-51.

The LBC All First Team was lead by Claudia Fleming with 17 points, Daricia Arrindell with 10 points and Jamaiah Newton-Herbert with 9 points.

The LBC All Second Team was lead by Diasha Ferdinand with 13 Points, Shandria Lake with 11 points and Wendy Jack with 10 points.

The Walichi Basketball Association would like to thank all the fans that came out on Sunday to enjoy the game but also all those who came out throughout the Ladies Basketball Championship season.

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