Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina Commends Trust Fund Achievements, Calls for Continued Focus on Visible Impact

PM Dr. Mercelina and Frans Weekers, representative of The Netherlands for the Steering Committee. 
Washington DC — The Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Luc Mercelina, currently on a work visit in Washington, D.C., has praised the significant achievements of the Trust Fund in Sint Maarten. He emphasized the importance of utilizing the remaining funds to deliver visible and meaningful impacts for the people of Sint Maarten.
Prime Minister Mercelina highlighted the significant milestones reached by the NRPB through the Trust Fund, including the creation of over 300 jobs via the Enterprise Support Project and the completion of repairs to 17 schools, with the final two schools scheduled for completion by July. He urged project teams to maintain their momentum and ensure that every dollar spent translates into tangible benefits for the community.
“Our goal is to ensure that the Trust Fund continues to provide substantial improvements for our citizens. The progress made so far is commendable, and we must remain focused on initiatives that directly enhance the lives of the people of Sint Maarten,” stated Dr. Mercelina.
While in Washington, Dr. Mercelina has actively participated in two critical virtual meetings with the Council of Ministers and third-party stakeholders on Sint Maarten.
In a meeting with the management and board of GEBE, convened at the request of the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Mercelina addressed the ongoing energy crisis facing Sint Maarten. He underscored the urgency of the situation and called on all stakeholders to prioritize and collaborate and give follow up to his proposed solutions. A follow-up meeting has been scheduled for Friday upon his return to Sint Maarten to confirm the necessary steps are taken by GEBE.
Additionally, PM Dr. Mercelina participated in a meeting with TELEM and the Council of Ministers, where he addressed the recent breakdown of the nation’s telecommunication services and his disapproval of the low performance of the company. He demanded an immediate action plan from TELEM to resolve the issues and prevent future occurrences. “The recent events at TELEM are unacceptable. We need swift and decisive action to restore reliable communication services for our citizens,” said the Prime Minister.
PM Dr. Mercelina extended his appreciation to his colleague Ministers for their continued cohesion and dedication to remedying these inherited issues. “Your commitment and teamwork are invaluable as we navigate these challenges together,” he expressed.
Prime Minister Mercelina remains committed to addressing the urgent issues facing Sint Maarten and ensuring that the Trust Fund continues to deliver positive outcomes for the community.